Stuff To Look At

   Make sure to check out the other areas of the site. On the Cds page you’ll see the CD list with the song list included and a link to CD Baby so you can listen to and maybe even buy something.


   The Song Clips page has a juke box on it with a small list of songs. Every now and then we’ll upload a song or two that we might be working on just to listen to and possibly get some responses.


    The Photo Gallery has some neat stuff in it dating back to the late seventies (I think) up until pretty recent.

Davey Boy As A Child

   The Plastic Fruit is a basement band from an area in Michigan called Downriver. We've been writing, playing, and recording our own music with the help of a bunch of our friends since early 1970. This site is done in larger text so most of you old fucks can read it with a decent bifocal script and a magnifying glass. The "History" section is very very slowly coming together and hopefully everyone will at least be mentioned there. (We’re waiting on you Davey Boy). If we forget someone or make a mistake give us a shout. Anyway, it's been fun the whole way.....(And if nothing else, it's kept us off the streets.)


   If you have a band and would like a little bit of FREE advertising, check out the Local Bands page in the Links section.

We’ll try to keep it as up-to-date as possible. Just send us a little info about yourselves, maybe a photo or two, and your upcoming shows and we’ll get it out to the world.